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Fancy Frenchies NFT

Fancy Frenchies NFT

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have risen in popularity over the past year, producing millions of dollars in revenue. The industry experienced a roughly 300 percent increase in just one year in 2020, and it is continuing to grow at an exponential rate this year. No question, with NFT sales reaching more than $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021, these digital tokens are among the most powerful goods available in the digital environment today. While operating in a fast-paced setting, one NFT stands out from the crowd while also making a meaningful contribution.

Fancy Frenchies NFT have been capturing the public’s attention and winning the support of a wide range of celebrities, like Tory Lanez and Steve Aoki, as well as athletes, including James Bouknight and Kendrick Nunn, among others. On September 16th, a collection of 10,000 Fancy Frenchies was issued on the rapidly expanding Solana Blockchain and sold out in less than two minutes.

Fancy Frenchies NFT
Image from Vents Magazine

What are Fancy Frenchies?

Solana is one of the most popular and fastest-growing blockchains. Fancy Frenchies is a new crypto project based on Solana. In this project, there are ten thousand digital Frenchies, or French bulldogs. They can be traded as NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. This crypto project hasn’t been launched yet, but it is already getting ready for airdrops. The team wants to sell about 80% of their collection, then move on to the next phase of development.
NFT’s founder: Fancy Frenchies NFTWe couldn’t find any information about the people who started this project. People who made the game haven’t said their names, but they have used the brand name in their social media profiles.

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The cost of Fancy Frenchies at the start

It costs 2 Sol to buy one Fancy Frenchie. In the Solana network, Sol is used to buy things. The price of one NFT today is $317, and the price of one Sol is $158.38. This means that one NFT costs $317 today.

For a Good Cause

The people who run this project are going to give some of the money they make to a charity that helps dogs. Fancy Frenchies NFT will donate 7% of the money it makes each week. They have asked investors to use this crypto project to help save dogs all over the world.
The good deed will be live-streamed on their Discord profile, so the community of Fancy Frenchies can see it.

How will Fancy Frenchies be used?

As of now, this project is in the development phase. According to the project’s official website, the project will be officially launched in 17 hours. The airdrops will be given out along with the launch of Fancy Frenchies NFT.
When 50% of the collection is sold out, the developers will start breeding virtual babies Frenchies. It only takes one NFT to breed a new Frenchie.
There will be a drop-off arrangement when 70% of the collection sale is done. A special offer is only for people who are “Fancy Frenchies.” They will get clothing items like hoodies, shirts, and more, with the name of the brand on them. In addition, the team will also sell dog goods.

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The Twitter handle

The Fancy Frenchies team is very active on their Twitter account. There are a lot of posts on the Fancy Frenchies NFT page that tell people about the project’s progress, launch dates, and roadmap. Recently, there was a problem with their website that was related to the start of the airdrops. The team has been very proactive in telling its followers where everything is.


Fancy Frenchies want to change not only the NFT industry, but also the real world. They want to use digital assets to make a difference. This goal shows that technology can use more ways to help people. Fancy Frenchies are one of the few NFTs in the world that think about more than just making money and care about the future of valuable lives.

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